Contemporary Figure Workshop  January 10

Contemporary Figure Workshop January 10

You can say more with less.  Just as Picasso strived to have minimal lines to communicate the message of love with the hands grasping a bouquet of flowers.

I approach my figures with space between the lines so the individual viewer can enter in and create their own stories, filling in their own lines.

This coming Monday I will be offering a Contemporary Figure Workshop from 10-4 at the Quinlan Visual Arts Center in Gainesville, GA for artists of all levels, even rank beginners.  

It will be a day of communication through lines, expression through choice of lines and creating space for connection of the artwork to the viewer.

I often say to students, painting the figure is like writing.  Anyone can learn to draw, anyone can learn to write,.....who will take that writing to poetry? Who will take that drawing to visual communication and connection?


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