Sunrise brings hope.

Sunrise brings hope.

Sunrise brings hope, when the dark veils of night are lifted and expose just a glimmer of light.   That first light beam sparkles in a slow dance making its way across the horizon.  It’s all new again.  A unique day, one like never before.  It’s the closest thing we have to eternity where time isn’t a factor.  The light scene dominates unruled by time.


Here the “New Beginning” offers Hope to those who will take it.  Dawn is the promise of all things possible.  It calls us out to be ourselves, unique as we are.  In this day we can be delivered from anxiety, anger and frustration with a breath of completeness. We are not judged by yesterday or bypassed for tomorrows plans.  We are just being, together with all around us.


I painted this work being moved by the drama of nature and the healing of its message.  “New Beginnings” is a 40 x 30 oil painting on canvas and celebrates Christmas as the worlds new beginning, hope and oneness.

See more photos of "New Beginnings" here.

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