The Symphony of Relationships

The Symphony of Relationships

When the musicians sit down in their folding chairs to create beautiful music in a symphony hall they are all individuals on their own track in life.  However, when they begin to tune up their instruments they become one with the 50 on the stage.  Suddenly you can only see them all and they communicate as a community. Music is the result of that relationship.

So it is in nature. You can dissect a section of the whole but it is the whole that we all relate to.  It is the relationship we are drawn to.  The ocean is water in motion but when tied with the wind in the sky and the sparkle in the sand you have  a beach day that stays in your mind long after you pack the car to go home.


In painting "Luminescent" I saw in the process that the sea, sand, sky and wind were in relationship and I strived to connect the dots of the elements to form that oneness of a "beach day".

The colors of the sea were transparent in the shallow water and shimmered. Beneath the surface of the ocean surf we see the oneness of sand and surf, above we see the cycle of water to air to water again. A sparkle, a glimmer a jewel, crystallized in fleeting time. A brilliant vision on the peripheral of time with a harkening to keep moving, to keep evolving to keep steady.

A symphony at sea and a lesson on being together to create the beautiful and unexpected experiences in life.  

Pause, what music are you making with your relationships.  What unexpected is available today?

See the painting on the website with additional photos.

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