Healing in the Sand

Posted by Patricia Fabian on

Take me "Out West " to the Big Sky  blanketed below with crystal specked sand that glitters a halo up into the atmosphere like a soft horizon. It's time to leave the life of lefts and rights, turn signals and turn arounds.  I long for a day of fresh air, fresh thoughts and freedom.



 What attracts us to a barren place where only the succulents survive.  Is survival the key to a well defined life?


As you hike the desert you find unexpected surprises .   Miles of sand dotted with hidden yellow cacti greet you on your turn upward, giving you encouragement just when you are too hot and ready to give up on your destination.  The desert delivers that nudge to keep going and make one more turn upward.


Finally you connect to this barren area as you too shed your complications.

 We go to the desert to heal.

Within us is a survivor, an uncomplicated life, strength and the penetrating persevering sun of healing.  Embrace the elements, shed the skin of resistance and false comforts and seek the inner core connection with life itself which will be here long after your gone.

I go to the desert to descover myself, time and the essence of things and where I fit. The majesty so quiet but grand holds the answer that I am a small part of a great landscape called LIFE.


"Out West" 40 x 30 Acrylic Painting on Canvas.

 The Painting Process

I overexposed the desert sand to create the contrast of heat and light on the ground compared to the cool sky existing above.

I used dozens of brushes from smooth to brittle and pallete knives to create the crust like edges in the sand. I also used cloth to work the clouds to soften the scene.











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