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Patricia Fabian Art

"View from the Sand"

"View from the Sand"

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Finding your spot, setting up the umbrella and placing the cooler in the best possible shade takes skill and time.  Once it's done, you find the most shade for your chairs and spread out your beach towel in the sun for drying off after a cool swim.   Next comes the application of sunscreen and music choices.  
After applying sunscreen and making your beach space just right it's time to look up from the beach blanket into the sky and take in the kaleidoscope of summer fantasy.

Capture the joy of the moment on the beach and the carefreeness only a bright canvas with a slight breeze can bring against a blue sky with cotton fluff clouds.
The freshness of a new perspective! How clearing of the mind to transfer the images we see from eye level to one out of our daily log of seeing things.  I wonder if it broadens the senses to see life from another angle.  

In the painting, "View from the Sand" I took that perspective of the day from adjusting your sunglasses looking up. Painted thick and creamy in some parts and others have a transparent see through effect.  Mostly it's painted with the scent of sunscreen in my memory.


Size:  36 x 48 acrylic painting on canvas.

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