Afternoon Thoughts

Afternoon Thoughts

Who’s to say when we will have an angelic experience. It isn’t planned and afterwards, it is barely believed. Often it is written off as coincidence or even denial that the whole experience even happened. Still, today I am inspired to write this experience down.


Yesterday we set off for a hike in the woods. The mountains still held on to the last of the snow and it was dreamlike coming across the mountain ridge.   It gave me pause to stop and be grateful for what I had and how I am living in this very moment.


The three of us, my husband, dog and me traveled with crunching ice below and occasionally stopped to take photos or a water break. The air was thin and the mountains purple blue in the distance. The trees stood like guardians protecting their land and owning their place.


We were all in the moment, until I started to daydream. It was then when I wandered with my mind to the future that my foot hit the large slate sideways titled rock and my body lurched backwards, startling me, as I came crashing down, bottom first onto the rock with my head at full force headed towards a sharp jutted out rock. I didn’t realize this until I got up.


When my head followed my crashed back into it’s projector onto the jagged rock, I felt a brush of the rock on the tip of my hair and then my head was lifted up and supported . For that moment, I paused and held the position. I knew something special had happened.  Could it have been my angel interceding?  I came away from this experience unscathed with just a bruise on my palm and my “life line” on my palm altered in a jagged cut right along the life line. 


I wrote it off, but today it lingers again and I say, “Could it be”. I go back and forth with the possibility of it being an angelical experience. I say “yes’ now and so put it in writing on this blog to confirm to myself the reality of the unseen and the gratefulness I feel.


The EPILOG to this story is that when I went to my collection of work to see what would be pertinent to this message, the first thing I saw was my new figure, “Afternoon Thoughts”.  Could this be my angel? 

Paintings are mysterious and always seem to precede reality, like pointers.



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