Artist Statement

Each painting is a journey.  I never assume to have the answers before I start but rather wait for the suggestion that comes in the process of painting the work.  I find more with less and I find peace with stepping outside of the box and listening to what comes next. I am a firm believer that the artist only starts the conversation, the viewer completes it

I keep a running blog of "Life Lessons from the Studio".  (lifelessonsfromthestudio.com)    I don't assume to have wisdom but rather connect the dots when the work is done and solve the mystery and than the ah ha moment comes later when the observer tells me in the end what it is all about. 



  "A FRENCH CONNECTION"  ONE PERSON SHOW, Reinike Gallery, 761-C Miami Circle, Atlanta, Georgia September 16-29, 2018. Paintings from Chateau Orquevaux, France.  View Show Catalog 




2018 SEPTEMBER 16-29  "A French Connection" Reinike Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2018 AUGUST -OCTOBER "The Instructors Show" Quinlan Visual Arts Center, Gainesville, GA

2018 AUGUST "A Taste of the Goodlife" Burton Gallery, Clarksville, GA

2017 May- “Passages” Beauregard Gallery, NJ
2015  May “Conversations from the Tasting Room”  Quinlan Visual Arts, GA
2014 June -“Under the Canopy”, Georgia Botanical Gardens  Part of “Too Hot” Show.
2013  July - “Reflections of Aqua” Quinlan Visual Arts  “Reflections of Aqua” GA
2013  May - ‘The New Botanicals” A Mano Gallery,  NJ
2012  May – “Ocean Speak” A Mano Gallery  NJ
2012  April  “Love/Hate Exhibition” Lana Santorelli Gallery, NJ (Featured Artist)
2010  April “Head Out on the Highway” (3 person show) “Art of the Bike” Exhibition, Frenchtown NJ
2008,  December -“Retrospectives”, Infusion Gallery, LA  (3 person show)
2005  May “Prairie Windows into the Urban Cowboy”  Grapevine, TX  Main Street Gallery

Private/Public Collections

Bob and Red Buisson International Art Collection, GA
Art Curator - Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
Philip Masters - Explorer/Discovered Black Beards Boat NYC
 USTA United States Tennis Association - National Headquarters in Atlanta, GA
Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation – Tulsa, OK

Current National Competitions and Exhibitions

2015 First Place judged by Assistant Curator of the High Museum of Art Competition, “Pink Komono” at Festival of Trees, GA
2015 American Society of Marine Art “Neptune’s Symphony in Pink”, FL
2015 Artfields, “Running Rapids ‘ SC
2014 American Society of Marine Art - Cruising Southern Waters, “A Treasure’
2011 Southern Appalachian Artist Guild , GA “A Time Before Time”
2011 “Kaleidoscope Experiments in Color”, Lana Santorelli Gallery, NYC  “Twizzlers Trail”
2010 “Unwind” Lana Santorelli Galley, Chelsea ,NYC
2009  “In Revere of Form” Exhibition at Agora Gallery, NYC  6 Paintings included
2009 National Finalist Acrylic Show representing NJ, “Really?” Harrisburg, PA
2008 28th Annual Faber Birren National Color Award Show , “First Love” CT
2008 “Reforming US: Immigration Through Art”, “Deep” Loyola University, Chicago
2008 “A Politic” Finalist Online Gallery Exhibition, Gallery 1V, Boston
2008 “Color Movement and Light”  Agni Gallery & Reflect-arts Inc. “Jamal” NYC
2008  2008 National Juried Exhibition” Walter Greer Gallery, Hilton Head SC
2008 “Art on a Pedestal” PIE Studio, Jacksonville, FL
2008 “Relics & Remembrances”, Reflect-arts Inc., NYC

Recent Art Reviews in NYC/ NJ/GA

2015 First Place judged by Assistant Curator of the High Museum of Art Competition, “Pink Komono” at Festival of Trees, GA
2013 Southern Distinction Magazine, “Walking in the Rain” featured painting.
2012 Jersey Journal “Love/Hate Exhibition” Lana Santorelli Gallery
011 Inside Jersey Magazine “Looking for the Perfect Location”  Inside Cover and story about selected plein air artists in NJ.

2010 “Painting with a poets Soul”  Cover and feature story in Hunterdon Life Magazine  “A Sculpture of color and form using thick impasto paint against thin layers to create mood and capture a single slice of time.  “A painter with a poets heart”……Hunterdon Life Magazine.
2009 Agora Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
“A lively palette and energetic brushwork are the hallmarks of  Fabian's work. Stylistically her creamy, impasto application of oil paint recalls the work of Pop artist Wayne Thiebaud and adds a palpable vivacity to her imagery. “
2008 Agni Gallery, NYC
2008 ARTisSpectrum Magazine  The Chelsea Perspective
“A master of technique having an adept eye for color with Fabian’s greatest strength being her uncanny ability to render mood and emotion with poignant accuracy.”
2007 ARTisSpectrum Magazine.  The Chelsea Perspective
“A contemporary impressionist.  Fabian allows her subjects to speak through her

Artist Education
MA and BS from the University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK
Post grad at the Art League, VA and Ghost Ranch, Abique, New Mexico. 
Workshops with Wolf Kahn and Albert Handell

Professional Organizations

President of Georgia Art League 2013-2015
Oil Painters of America,
American Impressionist Society
American Society of Marine Artists


2015- current “Contemporary Figure’ at the Quinlan Visual Arts Center, GA  
2012  -2013   Government Grant to work with Alzheimer’s patients  through art
2009 -2010  “Painting From the Inside Out” Worked with the NJ Public School System to provide workshops with mentally and physically challenged children.





Here are a few of my own favorite quotes on ART and LIFE

 “Don’t sacrifice “fresh” for self imposed “perfection”

 “Everything I learned about painting I learned at Pet Smart’s Puppy Training Class…"LEAVE IT”

"‘Art is not for art’s sake, it is for communication and at best, compassion”

 “Fight artist dominant manipulation. Rather, destroy your plan and be open to the spontaneity of nature”

 “I’m never alone in the studio, the universe is always riding shotgun”

 “Be glad when you make a mistake, it’s nature’s way of taking you to the next level. A level that being a thought out planned artist would have put a ceiling on”

 “Never plan, just do”

 “Stop before the work is done, leave a space for the interpreter to come in. Overworking art blocks communication”.

 “Live more, paint less” (Picasso may have said this too :) )

 “A single line can take you to many possibilities if you will allow yourself to travel there”.

 “Get your hands into the work and your head out of it.”

 “See nothing but follow the negative spaces and in doing so, they will bring you home. The mind plays tricks the spaces stay constant.”

 “Fall in love or hate with your painting, but don’t stay in neutral.”

 “The message of the work is evident after it’s done, never before. That is why you must always be willing to be paired up with the universe”

 “A painting is only started by the artist and than is launched and completed into the world for many chapters of the story. Art doesn’t belong to the artist. It will find it’s home.”

 “As artists (and ppl) we have a mission to the message and it’s not our message.”

 "Painting is a journey. I never assume to have the answers before I start but rather wait for the suggestion that comes in the process of painting the work. I find more with less and I find peace with stepping outside of the box and listening to what comes next."

 “The artist begins the conversation, the viewer completes it”

 “Work with passion, or don’t work at all”

 “Art is not a relaxing hobby.”

 “Art is in the moment, capturing that elusive moment, that drama of the stayed pause or the wind through sound interpreted visually”

 “ I am not preplanned or methodical, I am free flowing and make changes as I go along. No direct line from a-z ….my direction changes and I embrace the find and go with it. “

 “I paint who I am and that changes by the hour. I am not one painter or another but many at any given time. I won’t be categorized or put in a box because I want to change as I change.”

 “I was telling my friend the other day that when you paint a painting you never really know the story.  You think you do but somewhere in the universe a person holds the key to finish the sentence making sense out of what it all E

 “You paint like you cook.”

"Love your pets more than life itself" :)   Here is Miko out with me on "Inspiration Point"my "outdoor' studio on the lake.", the Barn Cat Bonkers partnering with me on a plein air painting and Sherry Baby the Studio KAT aka Photo bomber.....and than there's OZ where all inspiration comes from out on the trails.