New Inverness

Inverness meaning the mouth of the River Ness in Scotch.  (Inbhir Nis in Gallic) . This  Georgia coastal town called "Darien" today was settled by the Scotch in 1746 on the Altamaha River.
The Scotch Highlanders named their settlement "New Inverness" after their home Inverness in Scotland also built on the banks of the river, on the River Ness. The river was it's source of survival and prosperity.
It has seen layers of evolution from being a cotton farming area to a shipping capital for timber until the railroads came.  Now it's a major shrimp port and an environmental studies area.
This series is about the working man and women of Darien.  It's about the joy of a good days work and the heritage and pride of it's legacy on the river and the sea.

The work ranges from realistic to mythological to magical, above and below the sea and is available at U Gallery , San Francisco based online gallery  and Reinike Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.
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