Faith, Unseen, Cycle of Life.........

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"Desert Sea" is a painting of lines that hint at infinity.  
This painting is of the Dead Sea looking out to Israel.  My daughter who travels extensively swam into the sea with her camera and took a photo for me to work from from the perspective of being in the water looking across the shoreline.
I always look for new perspectives and in this case I wanted the viewer to feel more then see the experience of calm with a mirage of land approaching far out into the distance.
Artwork is a process of "taking a village"to create,  perspective and most of all feeling.
Infinity was the answer here.  Here the cycle of rich deep water is contrasted with a blurred barren horizon of heat.  It's the contrast of life .......richness and bounty against the unseen before us.  
Perhaps it's a time piece.  Perhaps it's about faith.  I think it can be many things.  Perhaps you see something else?

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