Love is Warm

Love is Warm

Often I paint off our lake dock on the end of the cove where we live. It’s a gorgeous setting where you look out to the west and clouds gather on the horizon. Every scene, every day is new based on the weather, light and my perception.


I set up my easel and bring down large canvases from the studio for a quick plein air in an abstract impressionistic form. My friend calls this area, “Inspiration Point”.


Anything can happen on the dock. You can also find yourself in a whispering wind that turns into a black-clouded storm in just minutes as you try to negotiate and barter with time to finish the painting. The weather always wins and suddenly your painting is “off the dock” floating face down to shore.


Still, it’s all worth it to capture the moment. Many paintings are just started there to get the energy and completed in the studio.

It prepping for the southern snowstorm to hit the lake today, I went down to “Inspiration Point” and buttoned down the hatches. The wind was already picking up so I knew my time was limited. This wasn’t a painting day; this was a form of “Anutie M” day with now 15 mph winds in the low 30s. As I spun around with bungee cords I heard a plunk go into the lake. I looked over the boards and saw my little dog with her winter blanket on swimming for survival. I jumped straight in with my sneakers, ski jacket and fully clothed without a thought. I handed her up to my husband and he ran her up to the house. She is fine.


I couldn’t believe that I never felt the cold. I kept saying all the way up that the water wasn’t cold and not even the wind against my wet clothed skin was cold.


I am one of those “toe first” people that go into the lake. I chill at the first touch of water in July. When I told my friend about the experience she said, “Love is Warm”. I was so moved by that, that I had to write this blog.


What we do for love is outside the realm of reality rules. This now, I know for a fact. It’s an awakening.


The painting featured here is one that was started at the lake on such a day when the wind was just a whisper. As it began to turn, I knew it would be a gusting storm in no time and brought it back to the studio to finish. It’s called “Whispering Wind” and is 36 x 48 inches, acrylic on canvas.

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