Embrace the Magic

Embrace the Magic

When something magical happens, it’s etched in our mind and heart.  We find wonder in the unexpected, the impossible.  Like a gift of nature we get an early snow, rain in the sun or gust of wind on a calm day.  No longer are we preplanned and wrapped tightly.  Everything becomes possible it that instant.  We remember the "altered norm" long afterwards.

Here, the early snow falls on an English countryside lavender field.  Yes, it can endure the winter ice but there are still a few lingering purple hues.  It looks like lavender ice.  Surrealistic making everything possible with aqua shadows. 

 I remember early snows in Tewksbury NJ where the tree branches would bend deep with the heavy surprise overnight.  It was MAGIC.  The land looked like a fairytale with flowers still blooming under the frost.  Sure, some people regret the rare experience, but I saw it that anything is possible.  There is beauty in the unexpected winter of things as well as the spring and start and planned.

 I painted this as we enter the Holiday Season and when it was finished it whispered this message "not to fight the unexpected but to rather embrace it and live the magic."  There is good in all things.  Sometimes the unexpected has a greater message. 

 “Lavender Snow” 24 x 24 acrylic painting is very texturized and is layered at the end with a pearlized paint to create the ice patches.  The painting plays with light and will keep you surprised because it changes under different light conditions.  

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