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Patricia Fabian Art

"City Sidewalks"

"City Sidewalks"

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City sidewalks in the snow.  A winter painting of an urban landscape.  

 Life in the City. Remembering caps and muffs and window shopping on the way home from work. Taxi’s splashing by. The streetlights casting a bright yellow sheen. All in my memory of city life. Under a flurrying of white crystal snow blowing up and down the street, a world exists. 

Window shoppers are oblivious to the weather as they dream of themselves in fur muffed coats with matching accessories. How perfect and stylish for the cold winter ahead. Another woman walks her dog, both happy to be reunited after a day in the office. The snow swirls around them but they take their usual route and stay caught in the moment.  

Finally, a girl late for an appointment, hails a cab and you can hear the crackle of the tires on icy snow. She folds her umbrella and feels lucky to have found a ride so quickly.

There is something warmer about cast light on snow and here it is speckled up the sidewalks reflecting out of the picture windows and shinning down from the street lights and coming out from the cab headlights.

It’s a snow globe in the end, built on the fantasy of the city sidewalks in the snow.

Size:   This is a 48 x 48 Acrylic painting on canvas

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