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Patricia Fabian Art

"Cool River"

"Cool River"

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A glass of wine and a rumbling river, crisp mountain air and a cool river in motion. The perfect montage for a day in the mountains.   A time to refresh, hit restart and believe again in everything that comes new.  

As I waited for our lunch, I leaned over and photographed the scene below.  I became mesmerized by the movement and the message that was just below the surface of my consciousness. Later that week I went into the studio with all these photos and videos, but it was in my heart and sensations of the day that I painted. 

I referred to the photo for the drawing then abandoned it just as quickly.  I did not want the "visual" impression to impair the “feeling” impression of the day. 

The rustling water around the rocks showed the path of least resistance which is the strongest element of all and in its glory and example. I let my hand be driven by my heart.  

The less we resist, the more we find a way, the further along we “flow”.  

I wondered after the work was complete how many twists, turns and tumbles we all take on our river journey home to the sea.  How many can we flow through, or do we get caught in a whirlpool of endless circling.

I found peace in acceptance and strength to keep moving forward in the message and mystery of the “Cool River”.

Epilog:  When the painting was complete, I laughed when I went back to see that the photo and painting were the same.

Size 48 x 36 oil painting on canvas

Available at ACP Home Interiors in Highlands, NC.
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