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Patricia Fabian Art

"Queen of Hearts"

"Queen of Hearts"

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“Queen of Hearts” ❤️. Painted from life with model Annie Jefferson.  
Did you know the
original meaning of a deck of playing cards:
52 cards for 52 weeks in the year.
2 colors for day and night
4 suits for the 4 seasons and 13 weeks per season.
Twelve court cards representing the 12 months.

If we add each of the cards (ace + ace + ace + ace + two + two + three + seven + eight ... and etc) of the game we will get 364.
The card game is an agricultural calendar that told us about the weeks and the seasons.

With each new season, it was King's week, followed by Queen's week, Jack's and so on until AS week changed seasons and we started over with a new color.
Jokers were used in leap years.

Size: 36 x 24 acrylic painting on canvas.  Framed in a black floater frame.  Outside dimensions are 37 x 25.


This painting is the show "A Moment in Time" at the Quinlan Visual Art Center through September 2023.  Opening Night, August 17 5-8.


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